About the EG

As part of the International Plant Protection Convention  family, Regional Plant Protection Organizations have an important role to play in promoting the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) and raising awareness in their respective regions about the importance of plant health.

NAPPO has created a communications expert group (this is a link to the NAPPO EG section http://www.nappo.org/english/directory/expert-groups) made-up of its three member countries to identify, plan, develop and deliver NAPPO activities in support of the IYPH. This includes identifying NAPPO activities and projects already underway that could be leveraged to promote and advance the goals and objectives of the IYPH. 

A team of this nature is consistent with the NAPPO strategic plan and contributes to the international phytosanitary community.

Expert Group Objectives:

  • Define specific IYPH target audiences.
  • Build on the International Plant Protection Convention’s IYPH messaging.
  • Explore options for using IYPH to advance NAPPO regional priorities.
  • Identify and mobilize partner organizations.
  • Identify communications activities for the IYPH.
  • Ultimately, advancing the protection of plant resources and facilitating safe trade by promoting harmonized phytosanitary measures and approaches in North America. 


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